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Budder Crock #11


So you'll notice that all my other ceramic work is hand built and not symmetrical. My friend Amy Schnitzer is a wheel-thrown small batch production potter who fires in the same kilns I do. She makes beautifully reliably consistent work; she can make sets of things that look nearly identical. Sort of the polar opposite of me. October 2022 we started talking about a collaboration, adding my "chocolate to her peanut butter" and elevating both our styles to new heights, to be seen by new eyes. 

So here you have it: new/old school countertop storage for your budder or butter. Bulletproof your coffee with ease and style; make torn-up toast a thing of the past.

The design of the dishwasher-safe French-style Budder Crock keeps butter soft, fresh, and spreadable without refrigeration. To use it, pack the lid with butter, then add water to the base so that it is about a third full (toss a little salt in the water for unsalted butter). When the lid is closed, water creates an airtight seal that keeps oxygen from turning the butter rancid. When you're ready to serve, lift the lid, invert, and place butter-side up on the table. Enjoy!

Base is 4¾" round x 2¾" high, lid adds ⅛" height.

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