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it's a blue dream kind of day


In my formulary notes for Blue Dream (I keep a spreadsheet) it simply reads "all time fave. top ten." Some days are like that; some strains, too. What's your all-time fave? What's in your top ten? Of everything? Making this little piece was the proof of a good day, a blue dream kind of day. May it bring you the same.

Salt-fired porcelain makes this piece a natural fit for any tableau. Use it for bracelets, blessings, and blunts (top rack dishwasher-safe, just clean and reuse). The "orange-peel" texture of the surface shows you the result of eighteen pounds of salt being introduced to the kiln as it hit 2000°F.

My Torn Clay Pots are made by literally tearing the clay and leaving as much of an organic edge as possible without it quite being "dangerware". As with all HighFired "accelerated fossils," actual c@nnabis sat!va leaves are pressed into the clay, left to dry, and burned out during the first firing. The resulting ash is collected for future use, details are highlighted with underglaze, more glaze is applied (or not) , and the piece is fired to 2300°F in one of three kilns: salt, wood, or reduction.

Size is approximately 4" squarish. Top rack dishwasher-safe.

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