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My name is Lysa (she/her/they/them, pronounced "Lisa"), I've got bangin' purple curls, cool glasses, and I am bipolar. The inside of my head is a noisy place indeed, hence the name: MakeRuckus. I channel my madness into art. Fire and salt are a common theme in my life. Read on...

I've been making useful stuff since I was a little thing; I first learned how to properly use a blowtorch at age nine. 39 years later, I met a best friend who taught me how to vaporize salt in a useful way (salt-fired ceramics, really). September 13th, 2017, the smartest man I'd ever met, my husband Gary, died. I rose from those ashes, becoming The Salty Widow. You can follow what I write at

Here, though, are the the results of things that help to keep me same; the making of things, the creation of things. Everything that goes on in my head finds its way though my hands and into what I make, landing on these pages. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride and a LOT of salty language!