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"ancient" wood-fired bowl


Possibly the nicest thing my sister ever said to me was this: "one day, someone is going to find one of your pots and wonder about the person who made it." 

Wood-fired pots are sort of the jazz of the ceramics world; they either make you groove or they don't. There is something magical about helping feed the dragon of a wood kiln for 60-70 hours to 2300°F+ and what the resulting soot and smoke and ash and mud turns into this. 

My Torn Clay Pots are made by literally tearing the clay and leaving as much of an organic edge as possible without it being "dangerware." As with all HighFired "accelerated fossils," actual c@nnabis sat!va leaves are pressed into the clay, left to dry, and burned out during the first firing. The resulting ash is collected for future use, details are highlighted with underglaze, more glaze is applied (or not) , and the piece is fired to 2300°F in one of three kilns: salt, wood, or reduction.

Size is approximately 5"w x 4.5"h. Top rack dishwasher-safe.

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