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Lean Into Joy porcelain offering dish


Joy is sometimes so hard to come by; I've learned to lean into it whenever it presents itself. This came out of the fire and made me physically gasp. I generally use the same clay, hand-mixed glazes, and kiln for nearly all my work (Jack Troy porcelain/BwhaleD and BchunderD over black underglaze with some collected ash for spice/Morty the salt kiln), but with atmospheric firing, every kilnload is different. This has some sweet carbon trapping, which is what is causing that delicious iridescent grey (starving the fuel-rich kiln of oxygen to create soot at a point in the firing where the melting glaze will trap it). It is a "reliably unreliable" artform. That crackly, crystalline green? Molten ash. Ridiculous.

Salt-fired porcelain makes this offering dish a natural fit for any tableau. Use it for bracelets, blessings, blunts, and bialys (top rack dishwasher-safe, just clean and reuse).

The lettering is done with pasta alphabet letters set one at a time into the clay with tweezers (as a jewelry-maker and letterpress printer, I'm used to working with tiny, fiddly things) and burned out. As with all HighFired "accelerated fossils," actual c@nnabis sat!va leaves are pressed into the clay, left to dry, and burned out during the first firing. The resulting ash is collected for future use, details are highlighted with underglaze, more glaze is applied (or not) , and this piece was fired to 2300F in salt.

Size is approximately 4.5"w x 5"h x 1.5"d. Top rack dishwasher-safe.

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