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Nasty Woman letterpress card, A2 size

Have you been watching? Are you a Nasty Woman? I sure am, and damn proud of it. Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris are my WCWs; Hillary is my Boss Lady. 

Cards are A2-sized (when folded they are 4.25"x5.5") and come in five colorways, all printed in a gorgeous, variegated cyan & silver that I mixed right on press. Available in Paper Bag Brown (30% PCW), Heathered Blue, Savoy Cotton White (100% cotton), Shimmer Sky Blue, and Shimmer Pink Cheeks. All but the Shimmer stock are folded at the top for lefthanded friendliness; the grain of the Shimmer stock wants to be folded on the short edge. Cards are blank inside for your personalizing pleasure.

All cards come with a Lake (medium blue) envelope that is the *perfect* color to match the ink. They're just Better Together.

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